About us

We are pleased to welcome you on our website, and we hope that you find it informative and useful to learn about our activity in Armenia!

Who We Are

An Armenian organization established on the mixture of the best European business traditions and Armenian values.
Established in 1996 with the initial purpose to strengthen the development of agricultural and environmental sectors of Armenia, VISTAA has grown to one of the longest serving business service providers specializing in different sectors of economy. Over the years we have expanded our scope of activities and reinforced our presence in the initial two.


Our mission:

VISTAA’s mission is to add to the strengthening of Armenia through acting as an agent of change to unlock potential sources of developments, discover new ideas and create well-developed, realistic and efficient innovation agenda that would serve to the development of Armenia towards a prosperous and flourishing country.


Our Capacity:

We employ the common values of economic development and successful leadership. We bring to the development of small business through relevant and constructive advice, valuable consultation and practical input. We offer a pool of experts with the best experience in the fields of VISTAA involvement in and out of the country, with the background in local, national and international projects. We aim at highest standards and commitment to the clients’ needs and endeavors for the most successful implementation of their ideas and projects.